PVLD Goes Live with SOPAC

I knew it was coming, but it wasn’t until I got back from ALA that I was able to head over to pvld.org and see for myself that SOPAC2 was live on the Palos Verdes Library District web site.

Palos Verdes, working with Crafty Space, has moved to SOPAC2 and in the process contributed back to the project some much-needed multi-branch support which will be included in the forthcoming 2.1 release, later this summer.

This launch comes right on the heels of receiving the 2009 LITA Brett Butler Award for the SOPAC project.  So I’m feeling really good about SOPAC right now and especially about the community that is beginning to spring up around it–its users, the libraries, and a solid group of about nine people who are part of its active development group.

Be sure to visit the PVLD site and tag a few books for them.

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