Absorbed, not Absent

Coming, Sept 1 2008After such a long hiatus from blogging, I feel like I owe it to those of you who are still subscribed to explain my absence.

In short, I’m busy.

We’re building a new library which will open in January (watch the time-lapse construction videos!). Of course, that’s not enough to do, so we’re launching our new website on September 1st, which gives me… well, not very much time to myself these days.

It was just about a year ago that I started working at Darien Library. The construction site was little more than a razed patch of dirt. It’s now something quite different. When it’s done, it will be quite clear that there has never been a library built quite like this one. From rethinking our entire classification system to planning how to use a building that is wired to the hilt, to an RFID conversion, to a major web redesign, to some other things yet-to-be-announced, we’re about to enter a period of serious metamorphosis.

So, I’ve put this blog on a slow burn while I tend to a few other things.

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