iPhone Woofer!

If anyone was going to pull a stunt like this, it would be Casey.  Last time I had Wilderness First Responder training (about 10 years ago), not many people had even conceived of a device like the iPhone.  I can easily see a GPS & data-enabled mobile device becoming a replacement for or an enhancement to the old-school EPIRB.

From Casey:

I had my iPhone, and it had a signal. I looked up “fix dislocated shoulder” and quickly read the WikiHow article that appeared on top. I passed it on to Jon for a second opinion, and he read it out loud for us all. Will choked on the line “this will not be a comfortable experience, but do not give in to the pain.” And I choked on it a few moments later when I performed the procedure as outlined and felt and heard the snapping like a popsicle stick bent too far. Thankfully, the line “when the shoulder pops back into its joint, relief will come immediately” was true.

That’s badass librarianship.

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