It annoys me to just tell you this…

But it is I, not this cranky, misguided, and maladjusted band of miscreants, who is the real Annoyed Librarian. And I will prove it with science:

Most people get periodic low blood sugar, which causes mild crankiness. Not me, I suffer from a condition called hypothetnia. That is, I have daily bouts with low thetan levels. As we all know, thetan levels drop when they get bored–as mine do when I’ve not disabused someone of, what would otherwise have been, a pleasant day. Of course, the only way to get my fix is to write disproportionately aggressive and dispairaging blog posts about, well, anyone–but especially of those that least deserve it. Here is a chart with numbers that is shiny and therefore scientifically accurate:


I have peaks and valleys throughout the day. So, you see, I’m not responsible for what I write over there. I’m not even thinking, which is why it may seem to you that the AL is not even thinking. Shiny objects distract me and I get angry at them. C’mon, peaks and valleys–it’s proven.

I’ll probably continue to write at AL for two reasons. First, I serve at the pleasure of Xenu, and second, I’m afraid of the wrath I would incur by abandoning my pack of nattering followers–most of whom are members of Sea Org.

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