Be transformed @ ALA ’07

Outgoing ALA President, Leslie Burger, is sponsoring the President’s Transformation Track later this month at Annual. It’s a must-attend series of five events covering, what I feel, to be the five brightest stars in the constellation of the American Library: services, technology, staff, space, and community. This track is aimed at giving you the knowledge and insight you’ll need to transform your library into an institution that can make the most of each of these virtues. If you attended Leslie’s inaugural dinner last year, you’ll remember that she wanted to make the theme of her tenure “Libraries Transform Communities,” so there is a nice symmetry to this track.

She writes about this series on the transformation wiki:

I am delighted to sponsor the Transformation Track programs at this year’s annual conference. During my presidential year I’ve talked to thousands of people about the power of libraries to transform the communities they serve and seen hundreds of examples from libraries of all types where transformation is taking place every day. I am convinced now more than ever that when we invest our time and energy in transforming our libraries that support for our libraries and what we do grows in unimagined ways. Come to the Transformation Track programs — get inspired, make new contacts, find helpful tips, and then transform your libraries.

Of course, the technology session will be the best *smile*. Alan Gray and I will be co-chairing this panel of experts Lori Ayre, Roy Tennant, and Casey Bisson. The session will cover a number of germane topics, but we want to give you the opportunity to make your voice heard before the event, not just during the Q&A. A participants notes page is available on the wiki where you can suggest some topics to be covered and formulate some questions to be answered. In addition, attendees can use the discussion tabs for any follow-up dialogue.

Depending on connectivity in the venue, we may try to incorporate IM and *cough* Twitter into the mix somehow. These are longer than usual sessions (about two hours). I often feel that a good session is just hitting its stride after 90 minutes, so I’m looking forward to seeing what will come out of those 30 extra minutes.

We’re extremely lucky to have grabbed these three panelists for this track and we’re looking forward to seeing you there.


I forgot to mention that if you attend three transformation sessions, you get a free T-shirt!

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