Dubber on marketing, music, and librarians

Since I’m in the video marketing mode lately, let’s just keep it going.

Andrew Dubber emailed me today about a female duo in New Zealand who recently released this video:

A great video, but I’m biased, of course. What I’m really intrigued with, however, is Dubber’s thoughts on connecting libraries with marketing initiatives. I think he’s really on to something here. He knows his marketing, and like any good marketer is a true pragmatist and pragmatism often leads to good ideas:

I bet if you offered free downloads of the music through library websites, did a Libraries tour or something similar, BoingBoing would find that noteworthy.

When was the last time your library was linked-to from BoingBoing? Instinctively, I like this kind of out-of-the-box thinking. I obvioulsy don’t want to see libraries go down the “this book is brought to you by” route, but it’s clear to me that marketing departments are the places that can “make it happen” in most companies. So if we can work with them and not be so terrified of their agenda, we stand to benefit tremendously. How great would it be if we could be the venue for focus groups, screeners, performances, and the like. The traditional model consists of us seeking programming opportunities from the community while only occasionally being approached. Judiciously leveraging the power of corporate marketing could potentially fill our events schedule. More importantly, it pushes free content out to our users who really don’t care where it comes from.

The hows, whats, and whos are the details that need attention, obviously, but I’m certainly not recoiling from this idea.

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