Buzzkill 2.0

Way to go, Poindexters:

The dissenting librarians plan to present the petition with 600 signatures from staff, former staff and patrons to the library’s board at a Thursday meeting. It asks leaders to reconsider modeling library branches after a popular book or music store while casting off books with lasting value.

So we’re in the business of placing value on content, now. Great, I love the idea of telling our patrons what they want. That way, we don’t have to change at all.

In all seriousness, I wonder if the Sacramento situation may be a harbinger of more backlash against the new library model that they are trying to move toward there. Also, not to harp on unions again, but is it really their place to tell a library what material it should be ordering? I find this to be a perverted use of the union’s mandate. Here’s what they’re doing:

Sacramento library staffers are circulating a petition of no-confidence in management, decrying what they view as a departure from amassing a rich research collection to pandering to the whims of the YouTube generation.

Let’s forget for a moment that “YouTube” didn’t spawn a generation–it was actually the other way around. Let’s just simply look at this and this. Actually, that’s fine, because this is on the shelf, and it’s supposed to be a romp. I’m sure these are highly intelligent librarians that mean well and wish only the best for themselves and their denomination, but in this case, their actions are truly unencumbered by the thought process.

Really though, these guys say it best:


UPDATE – 6-1-2007

You can hear a California Public Radio broadcast about the issue here.

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