The 2007 Illuminati

A great group of Movers & Shakers this year! A good number of them are folks I’ve worked with and admire very much and I can say that they more than deserve this honor. Congratulations to all who were named, and especially to those that have made an impact on me:

Casey Bisson, “Mad Scientist”:
While others complained that “OPACs suck,” Casey Bisson actually did something about it.

Helene Blowers, “Steal This Idea”:
[Helene] realizes that other libraries, even small, cash-strapped ones, could duplicate it with just a little ingenuity and effort…

Michael Casey, “Inspirator”:
“I wouldn’t be in librarianship if I couldn’t combine so many of my passions.”

Nicole Engard, “Making It Work”:
“Nicole turned the intranet into the tool we knew we needed but hadn’t been able to imagine.”

Amanda Etches-Johnson, “Sharing the Weath”:
Amanda Etches-Johnson believes that as librarians we are “almost dutybound to share our experiences with each other.”

Janie Hermann, “Technology for All”:
Every personality inventory she’s ever taken says that Hermann is “an extroverted risk-taker.”

Ross Singer, “Überresolver”:
“I am an actor who no longer acts. I have a career in libraries, yet am not a librarian.

Thanks to all of you for putting in to the profession more than you’re taking out. I admire you all.

[Editorial note]

If someone from LJ reads this, many of the links to the Movers & Shakers profiles are broken, I had to incrementally increase the CA#’s to get Ross’s write-up.

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