Thank God for the (twittering) voice of reason…

Finally, someone with a (thoughtful) voice of reason on Twitter. And it’s from Kathy Sierra (of Creating Passionate Users). She likens Twitter to gambling at a slot machine and notes that the rewards one gets from using Twitter are hollow and empty.

[Twitter] can trick the brain into thinking its having a meaningful social interaction, while another (ancient) part of the brain “knows” something crucial to human survival is missing.

I say Twitter is the Paris Hilton of the social web. Slutty and unfortunate. The basest manifestation of the culture and systems it represents.

I’ve received no less than 14 Twitter invitations from people whom I respect deeply and I have to wonder, why the **** are they using this? Who cares if you’re sitting in traffic, doing your homework, going to a concert, performing a bodily function, or reading a book?

I, like Kathy, am probably in the minority here, but I just hope we don’t get too distracted by this piece of candy 2.0 because, in the end, we really have better things to do. At least, I hope we do.

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