Stephens on Habib: A quiet revolutionary

Michael HabibI was thrilled to see Michael Stephens has written up an interview with Michael Habib over at ALA TechSource.

I met Michael (Habib) last year in Darien at Library Camp East. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to talk to him as much as I wanted, so I’m glad I’ll have the opportunity to see him again at OLA later this week. I also didn’t know that he recently graduated in December (congratulations, Michael!). Nor did I know that he had taken a position at BiblioCommons.

For those not familiar with BiblioCommons, you’re in for a treat. They’re working to build a universal social catalog layer, or a “complete social discovery system” as they call it. So I can’t think of a better place for Michael to be right now. A few months ago, Beth Jefferson gave me a sneak peek at some of their wire-framing, and while there was an implied NDA, I will say that the product they’re working on is very, very cool. Plus, they’re a “white hat” vendor. Those of you who are going to Code4Lib in Athens at the end of February, be sure not to miss their presentation.

Anyway, check out Michael (Stephens)’s interview, and keep your eye on Michael Habib and BiblioCommons this year.

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