Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

As long as we’re on meme’s…

Five people and counting have now tagged me with this one, so I think I ought to capitulate!

1) I used to sneak into the back room in out middle-school library to use their 300 baud modem to dial into my BBS at home and check new messages. My first BBS was a little piece of software called MiniBBS, it then evolved to an RPG-like trivia game based on a piece of software called Castle Tiamat. Then, I found QuickBBS and began using that. Shortly thereafter I changed to Remote Access. I also used the Opus fido-net handler. My Fido-net number was 1:141/215. Someone still hosts an old list of nodes–search for ‘Blyberg’ and you’ll be rewarded with a good laugh–the name of my BBS.

2) I was living in Iran during the 1979 revolution. We escaped on an empty IranAir flight.

3) I used to be an extreme whitewater kayaker. Then I got a family, and now I have to be responsible. Well, I should say, now I want to be responsible. I also almost bought the farm during one paddling mishap, but I had a guardian angel with me that day and escaped with my life… and chronic back pain.

4) I fucking hate clowns. They are dirty, filthy, despicable creatures.

5) My favorite place on Earth is on the rocks, just below the lighthouse on Whitehead island in Maine, watching a full moon rise on a hot summer night while a bell buoy tolls away an eternity of incoming tides. It’s my “happy place.”

Since I’ve not been keeping up with my feed reader (about 1500+ posts to rifle through), I don’t want to look like an idiot and tag someone who has already posted. But I do know that Alan Gray hasn’t had much to say for awhile, so.. Tag Alan!

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