AADL “Search Cloud”

Life’s had me buried, so I’ve neglected my blog–be kind and cut me some slack!

AADL Catalog Search CloudAt any rate, my little holiday treat this year is a catalog search cloud for the AADL catalog. For about four months now, I’ve been collecting search statistics on queries done against our catalog with the sole intention of creating this little proof-of-concept app.

Basically, it looks at the {x} most popular searches in the past {x} days and generates, what we all recognize, as a tag cloud of those searches with links into the catalog for each.

I say this is a “proof-of-concept” feature because in the coming months, we’ll be launching into our AADL.ORG 3.3 development push which will, hopefully, include a whole lot more of this type of stuff.

Have a safe, happy holiday. I won’t take 2 months to do another post, I promise!

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