Blog Day 2006, Happy happy, joy joy!

Because there are so many bloggers out there whom I respect and whose work I thoroughly enjoy reading, I’m going to forgo listing a few and direct your attention to my blogroll on the right-hand side of my page. (RSS folks, you’re outta luck, you’ll just have to visit my blog, 1.0-style)

I would be lost without the wisdom, insight, silliness, seriousness, frustration, elation, anger, love, intrigue, courage, patience, thoughtfulness, sarcasm, sourness, pettiness, hope, criticism, insight, and everything else that hums and vibrates within this strange coil of technology we call the biblioblogosphere.

So thank you all (and if you’re one of the blogs I have in my aggregator, but not on my wordpress blogroll, don’t feel bad). And thank-you Meredith for your very kind words.

Until next year…

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