PatREST Enhancements & Documentation

A couple of notes regarding the status of PatREST.

First, two new functions have been added to the service. One provides access to tops (or popular items) lists. The other provides access to the new materials lists. I believe these are significant-enough additions to the service that they merit the 1.1 version number.

The top items query is scalable by result size and can be paginated, just like the search results. In addition, it can be scoped by material type: books, cd, dvd, or bocd (books on CD). When applied to the AADL XSLT, it looks something like this:

The new items query is similar to the top query in that it can be scaled by material type, size and be paginated. You can also search new items using their subject headings–useful for querying those new knitting books, Ed… It looks something like this:

Second, and probably more importantly, I’ve finally drafted a specification for PatREST which includes an explanation of it’s XML schema and some documentation for it’s various functions. It’s about time, I know. It can be found in the files section, or downloaded here. (PDF)

I’m not going to go in to too much detail about the two new functions in this post because the new documentation contains everything you need to know to get started with them.

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