Library Camp East, 2006

If you missed the April Library Camp here in Ann Arbor, you’re in luck. The Darien Public Library in Darien CT has taken it upon themselves to host a Library Camp East.

This event, like the first, will be an open spaces unconference. If you’ve never experienced an open spaces meeting, it is certainly a very interesting and effective way of bringing people together to discus and build ideas. The event is free and open to anyone who would like to attend, though there is a sign-up sheet that will help us with planning. Open space meetings assume that whoever shows up are the right people for the meeting, so if you’re there, you are not out of place!

Ed Vielmetti, describing an unconference:

An unconference or “camp” is a way of organizing a conference so that you focus on bringing the right people to the room and don’t stress about who is going to be a speaker or what’s going to be on the agenda. There is a low podium, lots of places to gather and talk, and no fixed pre-set agenda.

Darien Library has four rooms available for the event, three of which are tech-ready. The day will begin with a meeting to determine the agenda and topics for the day. We will then break up in to groups to begin discussion on those topics. Participants are free to move between the sessions at any time. Wireless internet access is also available for those who need it.

More information (and the sign-up sheet) is available on the Library 2.0 wiki. Be sure to check it for updates.

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