Library Camp: Session ideas

In the spirit of getting the ball rolling on some Library Camp session ideas, I’d like to toss out some topics that interest me. Being that the April 14th unconference follows open spaces guidelines, I’m not expecting to get to all, or even most of these topics, but the point is to start thinking about these things beforehand.

I’ve never attended a real open spaces event, so this is going to be a completely new experience for me (I’ve been saying that about a lot of things lately). I’m confident, however, that the format will be conducive to discussion and I’m expecting that we’ll not only learn a lot but accomplish a fair bit as well. A number of great people are planning on attending–be sure to add your name if you plan to come. I believe that space constraints are capping registration at 40.

Some of my topics may overlap what Eli’s already tossed out, but that’s the idea–to find the overlapping topics and go from there.

I’d like to spend some time looking at Library 2.0. I’m wondering if the term itself is becoming a liability. My concern is that there is so much contention associated with it now that the great intellectual discussion it’s intended to represent is being neglected.

I want to talk about ways that techies and non-techies can better communicate. I think there will be a good representation from both camps, if you will, that a candid dialogue could ensue.

I’d like to spend some time talking shop with other techies. Specifically, I’d like to get together with some other III users and see where that goes. I’d also like to cover/learn more about some of the stuff discussed at code4lib. XML/XSLT hacking would be fun too.

I want to talk about OPACs. Specifically, I want to talk about adding social software to the OPAC. I’d like to share some of the work I’ve been doing in this direction and invite others to do the same. I’d also like to gather ideas on getting buy-in for this sort of thing.

A general talk about trends in library websites. I’d really like to hear from the academic sector on this because the public library perspective can be very different and sometimes the academic library voices don’t come through as well as I’d like. I’d like to find out where the similarities end and differences begin.

Because this is not an “in-industry” event, I’d like to talk with library users and get their opinions and perspective on many of the ideas behind Library 2.0.

I’d like to spend some time checking out all the neat gadgets people will be coming with–so bring your cool stuff!

I, too, would like to talk about IM virtual reference. AADL doesn’t do it and I really think we should. I’d like to hear from others who may have successfully pulled it off. I’d like to talk about some other alternatives as well, such as web-based IRC clients/bots/etc.

I’d like to talk about networking in libraries. Perhaps cover different Wi-Fi solutions. I have some ideas on using bittorrent as a content delivery system for patrons I’d like to vet. General chat about networking/server infrastructure would be fun.

I think some discussion should go into whether an information clearinghouse should exist for L2 ideas and resources. The Library 2.0 wiki, perhaps? Maybe we can get a start on filling in some information.

I have a feeling I’ll be updating this page post, but this is a start. I’ll be cross posting this list to the possible session page on the Library 2.0 wiki. Be sure to add yours there as well. Even if you’re not going, if you think of a topic, add it because there will be a number of bloggers present who will be interpreting events. Who knows, your topic might get discussed.

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