Share your Personal Card Catalog

I got a lot of positive feedback concerning the virtual card catalog I put together last week. Among other things, I received a request for the ability to share your Personal Card Catalog in the same spirit of Library Thing. I thought that was a great idea, so here it is.

Anyone who has a valid user account at can create a Personal Card Catalog (you do not need to be an AADL cardholder, so anyone can try it out!). Once you’ve added some cards to your own catalog, you can then go to your preferences and enable sharing:

After you’ve done that, anyone can head on over to user name). Feel free to check out mine (not much in it yet). Of course, privacy is king for all this which is why the service is opt-in with the default off. It’s not that hard to go ahead and enable it, though.

I’m going to use this service as the subject for a very unofficial study in the efficacy and popularity of Web 2.0/L2 tools. Obviously I will get statistics from database usage, number of records, queries, etc. I want to get a handle on just how useful and meaningful tools like this really are. I’ll definitely share what I find, so stay tuned!.

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