III-XMLOPAC class update 1.6

I really love that Casey keeps adding functionality to the III XMLOPAC class. I’ve incorporated his latest function that grabs alternate ISBN numbers from OCLC’s xISBN service into 1.6.

Because of his function, however, I’ve changed the way get_opac_data() is called. The change is completely backward compatible, so don’t worry about anything breaking after you upgrade. The new prototype looks like this:

$bibinfo = get_opac_data($bibnum, $extend = NULL);
// Of course, you can just call it like this:
$bibinfo = get_opac_data($bibnum);

Essentially, Casey’s function will only be called if $extend is TRUE (or some value). I’ve implemented it this way because this class gets some heavy use and I don’t want it polling OCLC every time I grab a bib record. I envision the $extend flag to be used in cases where external web services are queried. By default, those features will be disabled.

Also, in 1.6, I’ve fixed a pretty bad bug that would often times return an invalid ISBN. I’ve broken that bad ISBN number off into the “stdnum” key instead.

If you’re using this class, you definitely should upgrade to 1.6.

Actually, grab version 1.7. I didn’t add a test to make sure a record has an ISBN before it’s shunted to Casey’s function. As such, you might get a PHP warning depending on your error report settings. Nothing major, just an annoyance, 1.7 fixes that.

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