Casey Bisson contributes to the XMLOPAC Class

I had a pleasant surprise this morning when I read that Casey had extended my XMLOPAC class. He’s written a function that takes a search term, then returns an array of bib-nums for that search. He’s hoping to create clustered search results, and his function may be a component of that. Yes, necessity is the mother of all invention.

Casey’s comment sums up why we go through the trouble to squeeze out every last bit of functionality from our OPAC, “Because problems are meant to be overcome.” I’d just like to see the odds stacked in our favor. Imagine what we could accomplish if our ILS actually enabled us to do this sort of work.

Thanks Casey!

I’ve incorporated his code into the class, with some minor changes. I also found another instance where III’s XML is malformed and added a fix for that. The complete package can be found here.

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