AADL-GT ads @ the movies

If the kids who come to our gaming tournaments didn’t play for bragging rights before, they sure are now. Starting this Friday (tomorrow) the Quality 16 Theatre’s in Ann Arbor will start showing a new AADL-GT comercial that was put together by our talented A/V technician Diego Ascani and my boss Eli Neiburger. I’ve gotta say they’ve done a great job. (I’m not just kissing his ass, it really is sweet!)

Check out some captures. As you can see, the content is in the main pane, with the current leader-board on the right-hand-side. The leader-board is the same as you would see on the AADL-GT page.

Eli, on putting it together: “The effects are all livetype, the main video was rendered in final cut pro, and the pieces were all assembled and exported on the toaster.” Working with the theatre to get the content on their screens is a snap, “The coolest thing about it is that we can ftp a dv file to the movie theater’s headquarters on Wednesday and it goes into rotation on Friday… we can change it whenever we want.”

The theatre takes uncompressed avi or quicktime movies in 740×480, 4:3 or 16:9.

Eli’s announcement to the GT players on our Axis blog is here.
If you’re in Ann Arbor, go to the movies this weekend and check it out!

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