Dancing and singing librarians

As I mentioned, today was our annual staff training day. Last year, we had a Mario Kart tournament in the afternoon. This year it was DDR and Karaoke Revolution! In order to get, how do I say it.. oh, yes, older members of the staff to participate, there was a score multiplier based on the number of years a person had worked at AADL. The pressure to perform was intense and the contestants braved heckling and rebuke from their colleagues to pursue the glory of bragging rights.

The competition started with DDR:

Eli Neiburger explains the mechanics of DDR.

And the competition begins!

As you can see, the contestants gave it their all. But this was a biathlon. The true test of a librarian’s metal was yet to come. Yes, it was Karaoke Revolution 4!, but not before Eli went head-to-head with our component developer Eric Klooster.

Ha! Public be darned, we’re closing the library and gettin’ jiggy!

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