III-XMLOPAC Class Update

There was a minor bug in the initial version of the xmlopac class I released the other day. This update should take care of it. In addition, I’ve added a few more data-points to the result-set. The function should now return something like this:

    [author] => Gleitzman, Morris
    [fulltitle] => Toad rage / Morris Gleitzman
    [title] => Toad rage
    [edition] => 1st American ed
    [pubinfo] => New York : Random House, [2004], c1999
    [desc] => 161 p.
    [summary] => Determined to understand why humans hate cane toads and to improve relations between the species, Limpy embarks on a dangerous trek from his swamp to t$
    [isbn] => 0375827625
    [price] => $16.99
    [lang] => eng
    [copies] => 4
    [catdate] => 05-05-2005
    [mattype] => a
    [avail] => 4 copies available at NE Youth, Malletts Youth, West Youth and Downtown Youth

By the way, this is the class I used for generating the content in the catalog RSS feeds. (The RSS feeds were the proof-of-concept I was working on for features yet to come…)



I discovered a nasty bug in III’s xmlopac that spews out some malformed utf8 garbage. This was making simplexml so very unhappy. Anyway, here is yet another fix (not worth a separate post). So if you downloaded 1.1, make sure you get 1.2.

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