1Tbit/sec by 2010?

A company in Japan claims they have achieved a terabit per second over a fiber pair. And here I was wondering about bit-torrent speeds after blu-ray. The company says that it might be in production sometime around 2010.

I wonder how long it will take these types of speeds to benefit us end users with broadband connections. At home, my Comcast cable-modem speeds sometimes hit 650 KBps, which is plenty for me, given the face of today’s internet. I can still download a full album in about the same time it takes me to get the annoying packaging off.

AADL enjoys a direct gigabit fiber pair to Merit, though our internet pipe is 6 Mbit burstable. (I’ve hit download speeds of 1200 KBps). If we had anything approaching 1Tbit, I think we be uni-casting on-demand video 24/7!

Seeing this news blurb makes me wonder what we really ought to be doing with our connection now. Assuming that we can expect those types of speeds sometime after 2010, then it’s safe to make the analogy that the internet backbone is essentially a small toddler. But that doesn’t mean we should be standing around wiping up the oatmeal until 2010+. We need to be prepping our networks now and laying plans for the bandwidth we will surely have in less than a decade.

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