III Patron API interface

If you are a library techie who has toiled in the Rag and Bone Shop that is a III system, then you are probably aware of its patron “API”. It allows you to do two things. First, it grabs some useful patron data when you specify a card number or patron number. Second, it checks the validity of a card/patron number and password/pin combination.
I don’t really need to explain why this is useful, but if you’d like your PHP scripts to access the API, then try out the set of functions I’ve provided in iii-patronapi-1.0.tar.gz. These will provide access to your patron API from within PHP. The script cleans up the API’s data and returns it in an easy-to-access array.
I decided to make this script available since it does not depend on any of our other code. It’s also quite small, but may wind up saving you time. GPL’d of course.

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